Chatzy Chat: Find and Create Private Chatrooms Online

Chatzy chat is one of the best websites available online where anyone can join and create random chatrooms online without spending any money. Just in case you want to spend money and access more features, you can choose premium plan. But, is it actually worth to spend your time and money on this website? Of course, you need to decide that after reviewing its features. And for this purpose, we have created this detailed post for you.

Chatzy allows any user across the world to create chatrooms for free. You can stay anonymous during the chat and people can access this site without even registering. The members cannot view personal information of one another. These are some of the basic features that is offered by this random stranger talking website. Let’s go through a detailed review to learn more about it.

Chatzy Review – Free Access, Sign Up, Features, Costs & Prices

Chatzy can be seen as a super alternative for talk to random strangers’ website like OmeTV, Omegle, Chatroulette and more. Some people even see it as an alternative to popular social networks like Facebook and Skype. Though it allows users to create chatrooms for free, they can still register on the site without sharing their personal information. The registration process is not at all difficult and involves a few simple steps. You just need to provide a working email address and you can start a private chat with random strangers anonymously.Chatzy - Private Chat Rooms

There are thousands of chat rooms that are joined by different users. These chat rooms are around different topics of various interests. All these private rooms are created by Chatzy members. You can search the chatroom that talks about the subject of your interest. And from there, you can meet new people and make new friends.

Chatzy is very user-friendly as the non-members can also join these chatrooms if they wish to. This makes it accessible for the people who don’t have the purest intensions. But still, Chatzy is a safe place to interact with new people having different interests.

How to Sign Up with Chatzy Chat – Complete Guide

It’s not at all difficult to sign up with Chatzy Chat. You just need a valid email address and you can start accessing the most desirable features of the website. You have an option to opt in using your social id on Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.

Creating an account here will not consume more than 5 minutes. In fact, you don’t need an account to join this website. Non-members are free to join the public chat rooms and send private messages to the members. They can also join the private chatrooms if they are invited by the room administrators. Signing in to Chatzy allows you to have control of all the free features available for a user.

Chatzy Chat Profile Information

  • Members cannot view the profile information of one another.
  • Members or non-members will only get to see the username of member or anonymous name of non-members.
  • It is quite easy to fake your identity here.
  • People who don’t abide by the rules are often removed from the chat rooms.
  • Members are not allowed to upload profile photos.

It’s not at all surprising that Chatzy doesn’t have a profile page. The website ensures that no personal information of the member is made public to the community and allows you to join the chatrooms with complete anonymity. The actual profile page only lets you access the ‘Settings’ and ‘Preferences’. You can choose how people can identify you. You can choose to customize the skin of your chat, check important site setups details and usage statistics of the page and get report of how many total chatrooms you have entered or created so far.

There is no chance of getting it know that how your chatmates look like as no profile photo can be uploaded on Chatzy.

How to contact members on Chatzy – Connecting with Chatzy Members

Everyone can easily join the public chatroom and even search these rooms on the website. Moderators can choose who can send messages in a chatroom and it is free. User scan send the private messages to the members. The chat rooms you enter are saved automatically in the ‘My Rooms’ list.

You can talk about certain hobby, weird kink, share something and do a lot more stuff on Chatzy. There are chat rooms to discuss on different topics and you can find one for almost anything. Simply go to ‘Find More Rooms’ tab and type the topic you are interested in. You can easily search for the people to chat and share stories with. There is no limitation on your search for room. The site is free for anyone and everyone. You can also create your own personalized chatroom rather than just joining.

You may find a few chatrooms that don’t allow the newbies to join the interaction immediately. If this happens, you can ask the room moderator to give you the permissions via message. You have to register account on Chatzy in order to save rooms you are entering or chatting in.

Chatzy – Special Features

One of the major goals of Chatzy is to make the chat rooms lively. Most of its best features are focused in making the chat room experience exciting. These are some of the most useful features that will allow moderators and administrators run chatrooms smoothly. Let’s check out these handy features.

Visitor Status

You can add ‘Visitor Status’ when you visit a room in Chatzy. This will be the personal message which will be displayed in the visitor’s pane. You can hover over the icon to change the visitor status or by typing these commands.

  • /status <message> This will update your online status.
  • /away <message> This will mark you away and will allow you to customize an away message while informing people what you are doing or when will you be back.

/leave <message> This will make you exit the chatroom and at the same time leave a message to everyone, so they’ll know that you’re not around.